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We do plan on putting this website onto a secure server one day, so that we can take VISA credit card payments securely. That comes at quite a cost, so to keep prices down, we've elected to go with this method for now. We advise against putting credit card information on any non-secure website. In the meantime, we would still like to supply you with our high-quality products!

How To Order:

1. Enter Your contact information into the fields below.
2. Enter the quantity that you wish to order.
3. Select the color from the drop-down list.
4. Repeat for other items that you wish to order.
5. Print yourself a copy by clicking on the little printer symbol at the top of the page.
6. Click on the "SUBMIT" button. (No need to click more than once, but we won't charge you extra if that happens accidently.)

Be sure to enter your telephone number, so I can call you to finish the order. In most cases, I'll be phoning you within 24 hours. When I call, I'll let you know the amount due, including shipping and any necessary taxes (No taxes of any kind outside Canada.)

At that time, I will collect your payment information (VISA or Mastercard.) This method protects your credit card information, and helps keeps our prices to you down!


* Credit Card purchases are applied ONLY when the order is shipped, not a moment sooner.
* I charge only the actual shipping fees.
* Your personal information will never be given, sold or otherwise transferred to any other person, company, or service. It will only be used for your intended purpose.

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Qty- -Color
Placemats - 12" X 17"
$15.95US - $15.95CDN
Table Runners - 12" X 34"
$34.80US - $34.80CDN
Table Runners - 12" X 42"
$42.80US - $42.80CDN
Table Runners - 12" X 51"
$51.20US - $51.20CDN
Table Runners - 12" X 59"
$59.50US - $59.50CDN
Tea Cozies
$29.90US - $29.90CDN
Color Sample Card
  $3.00US - $3.00CDN (Refunded on first order over $50.00)
Fiber Equipment #1
Fiber Equipment #1
Fiber Equipment #3



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